Hey everyone! I've been ill for the past few days, so I'm behind on everything for this blog. I might not get to launch it as soon as I thought I would. Despite being ill, I'm still trying to meet the Daily goal on Swagbucks. I don't want to lose the progress I've made so far just because I caught a cold. So I am doing that as much as I'm able. I really had to make this post so I didn't forget one crucial thing about the Swagbucks website...for as cool as I think it is to earn gift cards, I also think there's a lot of partners they have that will rip you off! Beware of the Crowdflower tasks! They are a complete waste of time. They require you to answer so many questions correctly before you can do a task for pay. This is completely understandable. My issue with Crowdflower is that once you do finally qualify, you will still ALWAYS submit a wrong answer that will cause you to have to do the whole thing over again! Of course, it took me a minute to realize this, so I tried their tasks a few times. I've never been paid by them for anything, and this afternoon the task I got returned had two incorrect answers according to them. These incorrect answers are blatantly designed to cause an error so I won't reach a payout without answering a ton of their questions first, essentially making it so that they get the work of multiple tasks done with only one payout! Remember, if you get it wrong you have to start over! So here's an example of what happened today. I was asked to pick the best category for an item. The item was a pair of vintage Georgetown Hoyas men's shorts. The category I picked as best was Sports Mem.-College NCAA. Their correct category was Men's vintage shorts (grunge, hip hop) BECAUSE THEY CAME OUT IN THE NINETIES! SO FREAKING WHAT! GEORGETOWN HOYAS IS A COLLEGE NCAA TEAM! IN SPORTS! WTF DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH GRUNGE OR HIP HOP? The second question I got wrong was for a black Etinne Aigner WALLET-YES, the actual description said 'WALLET' so I chose womens accessories- handbags- wallets. Of course, the correct category according to them was womens accessories-handbags and purses. So I guess your just supposed to forget that the item is a wallet all together. See what I mean? The worse part is after you've wasted your time, you get your answers sent back to you like, oopsy you didn't do this right. And the explanations they give you on why it's wrong make absolutely no sense! There's clearly a setup here somewhere. I advise you to try to make the daily goal on Swagbucks in any other way before you attempt either a task or a survey. I've lost a lot of time on both of these and have nothing to show for it but aggravation. Please leave your thoughts and comments below if you've had similar issues with Crowdflower. Thanks!


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